Thursday, February 02, 2012

After so long..

I'm finally back!

After a few drinks.. LOL.

Not that i'm writing this drunk though.

Anyway i'm really not sure who's reading this but right now i feel so liberated cos i know my dearest boyfriend won't be reading this :) since this has been deserted for so long!!

If you're reading, why are you still doing so?

But i thank you for being interested in my life!!

It's been exciting, but i haven't been saying so.

No, i'm not getting married.
But i've been around Kenneth, stuck for a longgggg time.

Going to 7 years this October.

Yes, we've been through ups and downs and a major one recently last week.

But every quarrel we go through brings us closer.

Although what everyone else says is true - that the longer you are together, the romance of your relationship decreases. Haha, not gona lie but it's true. Well, sometimes we just got to talk it through to work things out right?

And the best thing that Kenneth said this week..

Our conversation:

Me: (Talking about travelling. Just random 3 days trip to Bangkok)

Kenneth: Just book it, actually I've been thinking about it and even wanted to make it a Valentine's trip.

Me: But it's so rush and will clash with your work. Opportunity cost.

Kenneth: Just book it, i can deal with my schedule on my side

Me: But you've never been that interested in travelling around with hectic work along side.

Kenneth: But my nooni (affectionate name for me) has expressed interest in travelling (during our arguments last year) :)

I felt so loved, and appreciated.

This year, my only resolution will be to give more love to my family and Kenneth just because they have contributed more than i can ever imagine and think of. You might not know cos you were young but you have no idea how much your sibilings and parents would sacrifice for you, just for you to be happy.

I resolute. To be less angsty. This is my fatal flaw.

I will love everyone with all my heart.

I promise.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm sure one way or another, we must have felt uncertain.

Must have felt frustrated, making decisions alone.

Doesn't even have to be decision making, just an individual thought alone is already an insecurity.

It's odd that despite the confidence that some exude, there is this amount of matter in the human brain that requires support from everywhere else, to sustain that decision.

Anything non-concrete is not sustainable.

The fire has to continue burning, to keep warm.

It has to sustain. It is ok if it dies occasionally.

However, once the light and warmth dies, at its limit, it will be almost impossible to get it up again.

Even if it does, the spark will mean nothing anymore.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Leap of Faith

I wanted to write that i am in a restaurant cum bar waiting for my boyfriend and that today is Friday, TGIF!

Been waiting for exactly 1 hour 50 minutes for him to knock off and when i typed 'I', he appeared :)

Ok, bye!